Delivering Large Scale Projects

Working with the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) and the 5 nations of the Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP), our  project team managed the field trial of 18 emerging technologies in the Adelaide CBD and Battelfield Simulation Site for their potential use in a future Contested Urban Environment. 

The technologies were examined across six of the nine military domains - human, cyber space, aerospace, land surface, subterranean and super surface. The six combat functions - Know, Shape, Strike, Shield, Adapt and Sustain - were used as a framework.

  The project engaged widely across the Australian Defence Organisation (ADO), the TTCP partners, government, commercial entities and Defence units to deliver on all objectives.  Lessons were sourced from the practical use of technologies which ensured they were both credible and relevant.  The insight gained will drive continued ADO investment.

“CUE Adelaide 17 not only achieved noteworthy research and technology outcomes but also showcased what can be achieved by uniformed and civilian Defence personnel working together.” 

DST Group Science and Technology Lead

Developing Process Improvement

Working with a mid tier Oil and Gas provider, Ground Effects was engaged to help develop the well execution systems for the company.  

​ Working closely with the team to develop a tailored solution, the system was redesigned through a series of interviews, workshops and management adjustments.

​ The system improved safety outcomes, reduced costs and enhanced delivery certainty across all field development activities.  The results were embedded in the operating systems of the company through process maps, training systems, distributed ownership and embedded skills. 

​ "As a result of his close work with our team, Jon was able to very quickly put a system together that had buy-in and support from not only the Operations function, but also Commercial, Technical and Financial.

Ground Effect’s work was fundamental to the delivery of recent drilling success..."

GM Operations

Delivering Performance

Performance Management is as important in Local Government, as it is in Private Industry.  ​

  With the stewardship of over $100M of infrastructure projects and a strong commitment to  deliver value for residents, a significant South Australian Council engaged Ground Effects to enhance performance. ​

​ Working with leaders and teams, critical processes were identified and mapped for each function.  From this base, questions were then derived which, if answered, would provide insight into the health of each critical process.   ​

These were then linked to desirable metrics and organisational data was accessed to generate real insight into core activities and significantly improve performance. ​ ​

"The workshops themselves helped my Managers to understand their business better, and I feel like we are looking at the right information through Ground Effects tailored approach. It has been a valuable engagement for us.” ​

GM Strategic Projects and Assets