We help you with:


It is all about where you want to go and how to get there.

Strategy and Vision drive any business. At Ground Effects Consulting, we work with your teams to understand your objectives so you can meet them more easily.

We will help you to map out your own future. We will provide you structure and facilitation that allows you to call upon the talent in your teams, understand the work environment more fully, and structure a realistic strategy for advancing your business.


It is all about connecting your goals to real action and results.

Developing a deep understanding of the business, and working out your roadmap for what you want to achieve, is only part of equation.

To make a real difference, this needs to be matched to tangible actions that align and support your goals. We help your management team to make the connection between strategy and the ground level effect it generates, so that your whole workforce is engaged and contributing.


It is all about your competitive advantage in low cost delivery.

Knowing how costs are incurred by your work teams and supervision, and working with them so they understand the business environment, is critical to reducing costs.

The more these factors are integrated into daily work execution, and the more natural the accountability structures are, the more effective you can be in generating cost competitiveness while still delivering great business outcomes.


It is all about enrolling your workforce into the plan, and letting them deliver.

The people that work for you are your greatest asset, we all understand how that statement is categorically true.

We help you to create the conditions for accountability across your work force. This helps them to see what is needed, ensures that they have the levers to effect the ground operations, and support this with effective authority levels. This leads to empowerment and the opportunity to succeed as a member of the team.


It is all about your long term business benefit.

As businesses evolve, it is sometimes hard to see what works, and what is holding you back. As you adjust and react, there is a risk of damaging core aspects that your operation or business relies on.

We work with your teams to understand the core value drivers, align your activities to contribute where they can generate the most good, and then lock this in with natural alignment and process systems to make sure it lasts.


It is all about your flexibility to grow, without over stretching your resources.

When your operating at your peak, it is sometimes hard to separate your team out to work on the next thing coming down the line, even though it may be the game changer you have been looking for.

At Grounds Effects Consulting, we have fully accredited Project Managers with deep experience in running and improving operations.